Which Is Better for Website JPG Or JPEG? What’s the Difference?

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If you are using computer or mobile phone then your are noticed at once picture with extension jpg or jpeg. These are most common image format. But you ever think difference between? Or, Which is better?

In this post, I try to answer all the questions related to jpg or jpeg. Let’s learn about JPEGs!


Difference between jpg and jpeg is very short answer that is nothing, other than name. So, the reason of two different name is Microsoft Windows operating system. JPEG is original name of this file type. However, in the past (prior to Windows 95),Microsoft operating systems could only use file types that were 3 letters long or less. So its JPEG files could not be used, as they have a 4 letter extension.

Which Is Better for Website JPG Or JPEG?

As we said above there is no difference or functionally the exact same thing. But we use the term jpg is more common than jpeg. Google also provides approx 25 billion search result for jpg but opposed to only approx 3 billion for jpeg

JPGs Or JPEGs Not Allowed

In very rare case we have convert jpg into jpeg. When a website limits uploads to certain file types.

How to Convert PNGs, GIFs, and Other File Types to JPG/JPEG

To convert png, gif and other files into jpg/jpeg you have to open it into image editor like Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and many other image editors. In which you have to click on Save As Button and save the file with .jpg or .jpeg extension. And there is another option that is you have to visit the site Image converter to JPG (online-convert.com) and convert the image.

Steps to Convert JPGs to JPEGs

There is very small trick to convert jpg to jpeg. You have simply go to your image file destination in file manager and click on rename its extension jpg to jpeg save the file. Now file is converted in to jpeg.

Importance of Compressing Images

Compressing Image is very important for website. Because image is comes under the main reason of slow down website. If you are using image without compressing and use use 5 images which have size of 1 mb site the size of webpage goes upto 10 mb which slow down webpage loading.

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