Easy Ways to Fix a 400 Bad Request Error

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400 bad request is a http response code which means you browser dose not understand the proceeding request sent from your browser. All the http code 4xx means it’s client side, which means that an issue with your browser, computer, phone or whatever device you are using to access the website.

This is not a big problem, there is many ways to fix 400 https error so, don’t worry. To solve this you have to follow the below steps.

What Is a 400 Bad Request Error?

The 400 bad request error occurs when web server dose not understand the request send by your browser

This error comes under the series of 4xx error  that are known as client errors basically they are caused by the client rather than the hosting server.

The HTTP 4xx error family includes:

  • 400 Bad Request – The server didn’t understand the request
  • 401 Unauthorized – Required authentication was not provided
  • 402 Payment Required – Not currently in use
  • 403 Forbidden – The browser does not have permission to make that request
  • 404 Not Found – The page you’re looking for does not exist or cannot be found
  • 405 Method Not Allowed – The type of request is not authorized or not supported
  • 406 Not Acceptable – The server cannot provide the data in the requested format
  • 407 Proxy Authentication Required – Request must first be authenticated by a proxy
  • 408 Request Timeout – The server did not receive the request in a timely manner
  • 409 Conflict – The server resources being requested have different versions or multiple copies
  • 410 Gone – The page being requested does not exist and has been manually removed

There are 28 HTTP 4xx codes in all but these are the ones you’ll see most often.

Causes Of HTTP 400 Bad Request Errors

Here is some situations which may cause HTTP error 400 can be caused by:

  • Incorrect URLs used
  • Corruption of the message during transit
  • Data mismatch between browser cache or cookies
  • Browser extension interacting with HTTP requests
  • Uploading a file to a website that’s too large

Fixing HTTP 400 Bad Request Errors

Force Refresh the Page

Very first step to solve any browser error is to refers your browser. Its help you to solve so many basic problems. Force Refresh is best option. I tell you some keys combination to force a refresh of your browser.

  • Chrome on Windows: Ctrl + F5
  • Chrome on Mac: Command + Shift + R
  • Firefox on Windows: Ctrl + F5
  • Firefox on Mac: Command + Shift + R
  • Safari: Command + Option + R
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + F5

Check the Requested URL

Still 400 error comes than double check you URL. In so many cases when you type any URL then we make mistakes like spelling mistake or adding extra word or symbol in the URL . So Check the Requested URL

Test Other Websites

There is an other best way is to check 400 error is visit an other website to validating your browser, DNS, router and the device you’re using. Load the Baaji99 website or another website and see what happens.

If site load correctly then it’s definitely something wrong that particular URL. Else if hey don’t load correctly, it could be a big browser or device issue.

Clear Browser Cookies

Cookies are the small file which is used to remember when you last visited a website and any temporary data about that visit. Its may be, cookies can become corrupted, partially overwritten or loaded incorrectly which can cause HTTP 400 errors.

It is very simple to clear the cookies. Below is some shortcut key which help you to reach cookies page and clear cookies.

  • Chrome on Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  • Chrome on Mac: Command + Shift + Delete
  • Firefox on Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  • Firefox on Mac: Command + Shift + Delete
  • Safari: Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
  • Microsoft Edge: Command + Shift + Delete

Try a Different Browser

If 400 error is still showing then you open the URL in another browser. If the URL open then you have to Deactivate browser extensions, reset any preferences and, as a last resort, reinstall the browser.

Restart Device

Restarting your device is solution of all these types of error and this is a last and effective step to solve this problem. It flushes all memory and all cached data from memory.

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